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Diane Sonntag, LMP, LE, IntraOral Massage Olympia, WA

HempTalk, Intra Oral Massage/Deep Presence Massage


Treatment Touching Source Massage- 34 YEARS of Massage Experience


~Deep Presence Massage-Multiple Modalities


~Gentle Sports Massage

~Cranial Sacral

~Range of Motion and Deep Swedish Massage


~Lymphatic Drainage Massage


Intra Oral Massage :Relaxing & Gentle, Safe & Effective Treatment for:

      ~TMJ Syndrome

      ~Chronic Ear Congestion                              

      ~Painful and/or Clicking Jaw

      ~Chronic Sinus Congestion

      ~Dental Surgery Aftereffects

      ~Chronic Neck Pain

      ~Tension Headaches


      ~Pre-Surgery Assistance 

      ~Migraine Headaches

Insurances Accepted, Auto (PIP), Uniform Regence, First Choice


                           Client Testimonials 

"My clicking jaw symptoms and chronic headaches are almost nonexistent since beginning treatments with Diane. The treatments are surprisingly relaxing and soothing and I feel an immediate difference between the side she has treated and the one she hasn't.  Thanks Diane!" D.C.   Tenino, WA. 

"After a couple of sessions my blocked ear has drained and my sinuses have improved and I have my hearing back! I had been to see specialist, but they wre no help. After the first session, I had crackling and the blockage began breaking up as my ear actually drained!"   T.F.  Shelton, WA. 

"Intra Oral Massage is a personal journey. This massage has to be experienced to understand the power of it's impact".  R.S.  Olympia, WA.

" I arrived for my first session with a migraine headache and severe neck pain and left feeling pain free and surprisingly better!"  J.G.  Olympia, WA.


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