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Diane Sonntag, LMP, LE, IntraOral Massage Olympia, WA


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  Diane Sonntag, LMP   WA. #MA 60018972

Treatment Touching Source   Diane Sonntag's Massage offers Intraoral Massage, Lymphatic Drainage, Combination Massage, Deep Swedish and Hydrotherapy's, Cranial Sacral & Reflexology. Diane has 34 years of experience serving as a Massage Practitioner.
In Practice Presence Seminars we cultivate conscious embodiment by learning to deeply connect with our own bodies through meditations, processes, guided visualizations and more. These seminars are held monthly in the Olympia, WA. area and are open to the public.

Part's One and Two qualify for Washington State CEU's for LMP's

Learn to:

Experience deeper connection to your body

Shift perception from "Pain to Sensation"

Access "Cellular Source Energy" for self healing and resourcing

Practice "staying with yourself"

Meet body sensation with non-judgement and curiosity

Develop awareness of how you energetically abandon yourself

Directly experience your own aliveness by coming into presence

Help manage stress, chronic pain, OCD and PTSD 

On Going Groups at Vibrant Health in Olympia, WA. as requested


Individual Presencing Sessions-available at the Vibrant Health Office




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