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Diane Sonntag, LMP, LE, IntraOral Massage Olympia, WA

Practice Presence Seminars

  ABOUT PracticePresence Seminars™            

As we practice being more fully embodied, we become more aware of ourselves, our bodies and our relationship to our "world-body".

 As we deepen into what is, we begin to "come home" to ourselves and to resource the effortless healing intelligence dwelling within. 

Part One   Presencing Techniques and Practices 

Part Two   Advanced Techniques including Titration, Energy Hygiene 

Ongoing Practice Groups  Scheduled as Requested 

What Participants are Saying:

"During the Seminar, I experienced an open, direct and heightened connection to my senses and my body.The workshop technique of  practicing being present with myself in front of others, imprinted these experences at a deep level, and made it easy to incorporate into my life. I used some of these techniques at a long and stressful meeting and was amazed at how well I handled it." H.F.

"Practice Presence Seminars, and especially the titration excercizes are amazing.The simple techniques helped me to reach a deeper understanding of who I really am. The awareness and presence I continue to experience to this day are truely transformative."S.D.

"I found the Seminar to be a profound experience in being in the present moment. Altough the WS is meant to be personal, there was the added benefit of the group experence which was spiritual for me as well. I highly recommend this workshop." S.M. 

" It's hard to put into words the profound impact the Practice Presence Seminar had on my life. I initially attended to help deal with migraine and other pain, and walked away with so much more! "Pain isn't really pain to me anymore, it is simply awareness and my body talking to me. And now I listen to what my body has to say and instead of fighting pain, my body has become an instrument of guidance. It is a wonder to me how the  techniques offered are so simple and easy, yet have amazing results. What's more, so many parts of my past have been healed in such a short period of time and so many parts of my life have opened up with joy and opportunity." J.K.



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